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Heavy early morning down pours produced up to 130mm falling Forster this morning. The heavy rain was confined to the coast. The rain in Newcastle was the heaviest the city has seen in 6 months. 50 calls were made to the SES due to flash flooding. More storms developed this afternoon stretching across the NW, the Ranges and onto the coast. Tomorrow is going to be another volatile day with extensive storm development likely. A stalled trough is going to linger over the region as a low forms over SE Australia. This is going to combine with the increased humidity and heat. The system is going to clear from the Hunter by Thursday but further north the trough is going to remain so a stormy week is ready to unfold. Read More »



There are a few days expected to produce some showers but no significant rain events for the rest of the month as far as the long range weather models are concerned. The westerly winds have been so dry hardly any cloud has formed across the entire broadcast area today. The dry air and 100% sunshine has quickly evaporated top soil moisture. It is going to remain fine and sunny until Sunday with some cloud rolling in producing a few small showers. It has been a great week for surfers with bigger swell in the south combined with offshore winds producing clean conditions. More great waves tomorrow southern corners best as the winds move to the SW. Read More »



This Winter has seen very few strong cold fronts so temperatures have been above average and records have been tumbling. Today a burst of cold air has pushed north. Cloud joined forces with this cold air to keep temperatures down across the Greater Hunter, NW and Mid North Coast with a pulse of rain periods and showers which only made it north to Port Macquarie. This cold out break is associated with a deepening low forming off the NSW coast. That system will move away quickly taking with it all the inclement weather. Morning fog patches and frosts will be a feature across inland regions tomorrow morning before the sun returns to all regions allowing the mercury to quickly re climb to abnormal levels and wonderful winter of waves will return as well with a new swell and offshore winds ... Read More »



Cooler air is now moving across the region dropping temperatures by a few degrees. Cloud is moving across the area producing rain in the south, mostly affecting the Hunter tonight. The main weather feature is going to be a low forming off the coast which will strengthen the SW winds pushing the colder air all the way north into SE QLD. The strong winds and deepening low will generate a new swell arriving on our beaches by Friday morning. The low will move away from the coast quickly so the fine, dry, clear skies will return by the weekend with the mercury climbing back to abnormally high levels for this time of the year. Another record was borken last night with Perth recording its hottest August night in 100 years. Read More »


weather update

Long weekend is looking ok for most. A southerly change is going to move up the coast quickly Saturday morning triggering a burst of showers as it moves north. The showers will clear early for the Central Coast and Hunter arriving late for the Gold Coast. Remaining fine inland. The good news is it will help push the cloud band that stole most of the weeks sunshine to the north. The patchy showers are set to linger across the long weekend on the Northern Rivers and SE QLD. There is another inland rain event ready to develop. Rain will start to fall in the west on Monday spreading to the coast during the early part of next week. Out on the water beware of the southerly change. The safer day offshore will be Sunday especially in the south. Read More »



Milder temperatures are settling across the Hunter and Mid North Coast thanks to NW to NE winds. Sadly the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers is still plagued by intermittent showers while the NW remains dry when it would love some rain. Rain will arrive on Sunday with a passing front. All locations will be affected by this next system taking until Tuesday morning to clear from the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Until then enjoy the milder, mostly sunny skies. Read More »



Cold westerly winds have settled in thanks to a slow moving low sitting over the SE delivering snow to the highlands while pumping cold air north across the region. The days will warm thanks to lengthy sunny periods but there is a lot of high level cloud making its way across the country blocking some of that daytime heating. That cloud will clear over the next 24 to 48 hours making for a predominantly sunny end to the week. The nights are going to become very cold, especially across the higher ground thanks to moderate to strong westerly winds. As they ease the cold air will sink into the low lying valleys producing freezing night time temperatures so frosts will become a feature over the next week. Once the low moves into the Tasman a new swell is going to ... Read More »


A large rain band has passed producing up to 20mm in the far west near Narrabri but generally totals were less than 10mm. The rain was widespread but the small totals aren’t enough to create run off and will be absorbed quickly with what’s left evaporating due dry westerly winds. The main feature will now be cold nights producing frosts about the ranges followed by cool sunny days with consistent southerly winds. Read More »


This Friday morning there will be an annular solar eclipse, for us it will be partial. Annular eclipses are rarer than total eclipses. The moon is further away and doesn’t cover the sun completely causing a ring of fire to form around the moon which will seen in full over Cape York. There’s a good chance it will be seen inland as coastal cloud and showers may impede viewing in the east. Tomorrow will be a great day for the Hunter with increased warmth and sunshine. The shower activity will contract to the north mostly affecting the Northern Rivers and SE QLD. The coastal showers will spread back to the south along the coast during the end of the week. Read More »


The latest southerly change has moved through cooling things off while producing little in the way of wet weather. A few showers heavy at times developed across the far NE corner of NSW and SE QLD. Nights will be much colder but conditions will calm for a great looking Friday for most of the broadcast region. On Saturday another front is going to pass the SE generating another fresh burst of southerly winds weaker for north coast. On Sunday there will be the risk of coastal showers at the winds switch from the SW to SE. The main feature will be the increased swell from a deeper more intense low to form in the Tasman. The big dry for the NW, New England and Upper Hunter is to continue. Read More »

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