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We’ve had a very warm week, ahead of a rain band that has already delivered record-breaking falls across parts of South Australia.

Some locations have recorded their best April rain in 100 years of records.

The cloud cover associated with this system could be seen in Newcastle and the Hunter today. Tomorrow it will spread further north and rain will start to fall Saturday night, before moving across the NBN broadcast region during Sunday.

On Monday, an east coast low is expected to form and it could be a nasty one. East coast lows are at their most dangerous when they retrogress or move in a westerly direction back towards the coast once formed. The longer they sit on the coast the more damage they can do, especially if all its energy is released over one area, something that happens if they stall.

This is a system that should be monitored across the weekend if you live in between the Central Coast and Coffs Harbour, where large seas, heavy rain and strong winds will accompany the low.

About Renee Fedder

Renee Fedder is a journalist and web producer for NBN News in Newcastle. She has worked for the company for the past three years, since completing a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Newcastle.

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